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R&P Enterprises, Inc. specializes in histori window renovations, historic buildings, wood window restoration, millwork and replication

Restoration and Preservation Enterprises Inc. Specializes in the Restoration of Historic Wood Structures, Historic Windows and Historic Renovations.

Our focus is preservation of the historical look and integrity of the older building. We believe that the character and historic integrity of a building is strongly influenced by its windows and decorative features. The process of restoration is a detailed and intricate industry. Here at R & P Enterprises we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality work and professionalism.

R & P specializes in the restoration of windows and doors, including but not limited to: sash reproduction, wood repair and preservation, glass replacement, insulated glass conversion, and architectural millwork.

Why Restore...

Wood windows are a major part of the historic significance of any building. They hold the character and design of early carpentry. If not for restoration of these valuable assets, we would be losing the craftsmanship of early millwrights. Current wood window restoration technology makes the continued use of period windows practical and energy efficient.

Wood that was used in historic window systems came from age-old forests. The slow growing trees of these forests produced very dense pure wood. In contrast, today’s trees are fed for fast growth and are less dense with more imperfections. It is difficult to find the quality of wood today that was used to make these original windows. Also, historic window systems used full dimension lumber. It is very difficult and costly to find this type of thick, lengthy lumber.

One of the most important features of historic window systems is craftsmanship. Great care was taken to match window trims with other architectural features on each building. Today’s windows are mass-produced, making these intricate and distinctive features very difficult to reproduce, frequently losing these features during this process. One of the most interesting points of a historic building is the uniqueness of its intricate designs. Through restoration we are able to preserve this uniqueness for years to come.


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R & P Enterprises, Inc.
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